1. What is HYIP?


HYIP – High-Yield Investment Program.

All HYIPs are FINANCIAL PYRAMIDES, however they really call themselves administrators of HYIPs. The one who has come earlier wins in Hyips. Lose, as a rule, inexperienced beginners.

2. Types of HYIPs.

All HYIPs are divided into 3 basic types:

  1. Low-interest HYIPs
  2. Mid-term progects
  3. High-yield HYIPs

3. What is Scam?



Sooner or later the work of the HYIP ends with SCAM – in other words – the HYIP ceases to pay interest or does not give the deposit back.


4. What is Crypto currency?


Crypto currency is a virtual digital currency, totally protected from forgery, duplication, prohibition at any level, which you can instantly pay for anything in any part of the world. The usual money differs from the crypto currency by the fact that to get them on your account, you must go to the bank or use the payment terminal first. Crypto currency is generated within the network and is in no way connected with any state currency system or with any ordinary currency. In other words, crypto currency is “electronic money”.

5. Basic crypto-currencies.

cryptocurrency coins - Bitcoin - Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin

Bitcoin, Etherium, Lightcoin

6. Password. 


Registering on the site, remember the uniqueness of the password importance. To pick up a complex combin

ation of numbers and letters use any password generateing service. Copy passwords to local disk  PC, removable media or cloud.

Do everything to secure the safety of passwords, otherwise they can get to scammers. And if you have a similar login and password on electronic wallets  – you risk to lose your money.


7. What is a partisan HYIP?


This is a beginner, not developed, not having an original design (usually a standard template) HYIP. Partisans are not spent on advertising, because their task is to develop and to get the confidence of investors when changing clothes (updating the design, announcing new tariff plans, etc.) and launching the site in a new way.

What you need to consider when investing.

  • As a rule, all the partisans with low interest yield.
  • Referral reward is about 1-3% of the deposit body.
  • It’s risky to invest big money to partisan. Its development may not satisfy admin and the HYIP may be closed.

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